Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reasons not to use Linux

Now while scouring the internet you will find billions of posts as why to use linux and finally make the shift from your closed source OS, two of which I have written myself. However, this time around let me tell you or rather convince you "why NOT to install linux in your PC".

1. Please do refrain from installing linux in your PC if you are used to spoonfeeding. While its perfectly acceptable if a new user asks about whats KDE and Gnome, it gets irritating if after telling you to edit xorg.conf in your third month into linux, you ask where that file is!

2. Are you afraid of text files? No matter its opened in vim or gedit? Then I am sorry to say, you are better off with your fancy drop-down-menu GUI system. Spare us the trouble of porting every console app or configuration method into clumsy GUI subsystems.

3. If you think having too many choices is confusing and that the linux community has to justify why there are hundreds of distributions to confuse you, besides around 20 different window managers, then either make an informed decision or ask for help in choosing one, but please do not whine about how confusing it all is. Otherwise think thrice before switching.

4. "OMG! there is no real flow of money behind linux projects. So they must be trash!!" - if this is what you believe, then kindly do some web-research on GNU, FOSS, and opensource (you know like wikipedia, google ...). Come back later when you are convinced that free doesn't necessarily means bad.

Just my views though, however, seeing the same whining posts in different forums and communities, I wonder, if people trying out a different OS really wants to do that. They just seem to expect the same things done in the same way from a different system! Its like asking why streets in Norway are any different from the ones in China.


deepspawn said...

Well, I think I agree fairly with what you have written here.

When we promote GNU/Linux, GNU/BSD, GNU-anything, FOSS, OSS it's because we feel that it's a better alternative and we wish that other people benefit from what has been good for us.

With this in mind, I think I may add to your list:

We invite you to try this alternative but If you don't come with us to cooperate and try to understand why all of this has grown to what it is today, better stay away this is no place for you.

Sigg3 said...

I think what deepspawn's trying to say is that in Linux your user experience is more of an adventurous exploration, while in Mac you're a prisoner, and Windows a customer.

The social and ethical difference is huge.

Sujoy said...

Yes, deepspawn, I also agree with that point of yours. mutual co-operation and the internet has been the biggest driving factors behind the rise of linux IMO.

And as sigg3 said, indeed, users in windows are customers at best. I have no opinions about Mac though, having never used it.