Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Display your Arch Linux theme information automatically

Often when you come across a desktop screenshot in the forums/websites a myriad of question flows through your mind. "What theme is that? Lovely icon, if only I knew its name. Wow, but is it openbox or fluxbox or something else?" Now while its possible to mention all the details while posting the picture, its a hassle everytime you post a screenie in the monthly screenshot thread.

Instead, wouldn't it be better if we could somehow automatically include all the details in the screenshot itself? Yes, it would be and its possible just by using these two small scripts.

Edit the path to the logos.pl file here in the info.pl file
require '/home/sujoy/bin/logos.pl';

Now all you have to do is put the two files in the same directory and make the info.pl file readable and executable
$ chmod 500 info.pl

and make the logos.pl file readable
$ chmod 400 logos.pl

You can run the script from inside the directory as
$ ./info.pl

Here is a picture of the script in action

While the logos.pl file given here is for Arch Linux only, you can modify it to suit your distro and use the info.pl script along with it.

note: the scripts are not mine, the name of the author is mentioned in the script itself


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Anonymous said...

Nice! I suggest you change "ArchLinux" to "Arch Linux" though.

Sujoy said...

hey thanks for the tip :)

Anonymous said...

Why should he change it? It's called ArchLinux...

skeleton said...

pekwm support doesn't work.
Could you fix this?? I love this thing.