Thursday, January 17, 2008

Open Source alternatives

Open Source software comes with a freedom that is unmatched by rest of the licenses. While most of the open source software is predominantly for Linux/Unix systems, some also have installers for Windows.

Lets take a look at some open source alternatives for the existing applications that are commonly used.

ApplicationsOpen Source alternatives
MS OfficeOpen Office / Star Office
Corel DrawInkscape
Windows Media PlayerVLC Player / Mplayer
WinampAudacious / Amarok
3D MaxBlender
DreamweaverBluefish / Screem
Internet ExplorerOpera / Mozilla Firefox
Windows Media CenterElisa / Myth TV
Outlook ExpressEvolution / Thunderbird
Adobe Acrobat ReaderEvince
Winzip / WinrarArk / Tar / Gzip

and the list could just go on and on ...

So lets take a stand and use only the open source applications, unless offcourse there isn't one, which is a rarity !