Sunday, August 17, 2008

New to Linux? Make sure you bookmark these

New users in the Linux/Unix land are often confused and overwhelmed by the marked differences between the OS they come from and Linux. It takes some time gettting used to the new environment and the new way of doing things. Now while you are at it, take a look at these websites that are there to help you make the smooth transition, these provide extensive documentation to step-by-step howtos, and also community support.

Now while there are scores of material worthy of a mention, in the internet, I list the ones that every new user must bookmark (or atleast take a look at).

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Here, you can find reviews and news about the most popular Linux/Unix distributions as well the new ones that just came in. Regularly updated upon each new version release of the distributions and also ranks them based on page views. Overall, this is the place to be in if you are trying to find a new distro to try out.

The Linux Documentation Project
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This site contains tons of materials to get you started or help you if you get stuck in the middle. From HowTos, guides, manpages, to Linux Gazette, an online magazine, this site is so full of information that its almost overwhelming in itself.

The Gentoo Wiki
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While the name might indicate that its specifically for the gentoo users, its not. The guides and howtos here can be related to most of the distributions with minor modifications like the actual download process involving the package managers, etc. Here one can find guides for a broad range of topic covering almost all aspect of Linux, from kernel configurations to wine and cedega, the gentoo wiki is for all linux users, irrespective of the choice of distribution.

The Ubuntuforums
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Once again I mention something attached to a particular distribution. However, ubuntuforums, as all of its members knows, isn't just a place for ubuntu users. The sub forums in the other OS sections exists as well, although the real charm is the sheer number of people active here and the awesome community section. Nice place to get to know fellow linux users while engaging in some non-technical chat. Offcourse, you can also take a peep and find yourself comfortable in the programming section solving challenges. Its just a fun place to be here, even for the non-ubuntu users.

Linux Manpages

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As the name suggests this site is dedicated to the manpages. No distraction at all as you dive into man to find that lost option or switch. Specially beneficial for the ones who dislikes reading from the terminal. The ability to search and click also adds charm to the whole man page reading thing.

Other than these, you may also register to the forum or mailing lists of the distro you are using. IRCs are again a good place for support and discussion. Thats it fellows, read the FAQs, learn how to google and soon you will have a wealth of information at your disposal to make computing fun and comfortable.
Your comments are welcome. :)


Anonymous said...

I'd have to somewhat disagree on linux sites for "newbies".

1. Distrowatch - Absolutely. The number one recommended site.

2. - The latest linux news.

3. - Great articles and analysis.

4. - If you're using Debian or a derivative, then this is your site for package updates.

5. - Newbies want to know if they can run their favorite Windows programs.

Sujoy Kumar Das said...

Thanks for the feedback.
yes, tuxmachines and desktoplinux are both good places, but they are more news oriented and i was looking for guides and howtos.

winehq is however a nice place that I forgot. specially for games and photshop.

Anonymous said... A very good site that is the "official" help site of several distros.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the useful sites.

Sujoy Kumar Das said...

glad someone found it usefull, and thanks for all the feedback.

Anonymous said...

Why Ubuntuforums? The article was about sites new Linux users should use, not new Ubuntu users. While Ubuntu is Linux, Linux is not Ubuntu. A better suggestion would be LinuxForums or as mentioned above LinuxQuestions as neither of these sites are distro specific.

Anonymous said...

ubuntuforums has one of the best communities out there. Regardless of which distribution you use, if you post it in the ubuntuforums you are almost guaranteed an answer.

I've seen discussion about almost any distribution, everywhere from Slitaz to Gentoo.

There is no reason for ubuntuforums not to be on the list.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

I love Linux. I bought a brand new Dell a few months back with Windows Vista on it and straight out of the box it would lock up! I ended up wiping the hard drive and installed Linux on it. Wow, not a problem since! Ihighly recommend the switch!


Sujoy Kumar Das said...

@doswheeler, yes I believe microsoft gave linux the edge by making vista, I have seen so many people making the switch ..

this is a nice one though,, really funny

Unknown said...

What about LQ? Arguably the most popular forum, for linux users of all experience levels and distributions!

Distrowatch and TLDP were a good start, plus the manpages site - after that I don't know what happened...

Sujoy Kumar Das said...

The fact is that the list was made based on my usage and whenever I am using a distro I use the forum for that. Hence haven't really explored LQ that much. Yes, LQ should have been there as well.

Well, keep the recomendations coming, I shall compile a new list with all the info I find here, and attach it to the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

August 18, 2008 2:18 AM Anonymous said... Why Ubuntuforums?
If search trends reflect popularity (i.e. a comparative distro search on Google Trends) the probability seems high that a new Linux convert is using Ubuntu. But irrespective of what Linux distro ppl choose to use, I hope we, the Open Source community always stay united and work to promote Open Source principals, ethics and freedom of choice.

Anonymous said...

Another one to consider,

Anonymous said...

And if you are not an Ubuntu user? would you still want to spend your time in ubuntu forums?

Also, feels like the title should be 5 websites every Ubuntu newbie should visit.

Anonymous said...

> 4. - If you're using Debian or a derivative,
> then this is your site for package updates.

Sadly, this isn't for Debian *at all*. The packages are just for the *buntus according to the site maintainer who emailed me with this information.

Sujoy Kumar Das said...

Well, getdeb is for ubuntu but deb packages will work in all debian derivatives. However, the repositories of most distros are quite adequate IMO.

Adam Stern said...

Great info. Helps a bunch.

Anonymous said...

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